(Online JSY And Shubhlaxmi Payment System)


OJAS is an online system which facilitates the user to capture beneficiary wise details of payment for JSY scheme and Shubhlaxmi Yojna, after due eligibility at CHC & above government health institutions. Online payment of JSY scheme and Shubhlaxmi Yojna to beneficiaries bank accounts and generate various kind of reports to monitor the progress of the programme and various health information's.

Need felt for OJAS:-
  • JSY scheme was started in 2005, since beginning JSY payment is being paid by bearer cheque to the beneficiaries
  • If the female child born, Shubhlaxmi Yojna's payment is also to be paid to beneficiaries.
  • In the first phase of OJAS all DH/SDH/CHC covering from 1st August 2015
  • For transparency payment online payment is required, on the same principal it is started in the state.

Objectives of OJAS: -

To ensure their timely and seamless online payment for JSY and Shubhlaxmi beneficiaries. The software popularly known "OJAS Software" has been conceptualized with following objectives:-

  • To monitor the performance of each delivery including female child every day/ month.
  • On line payments in JSY and SLY
  • To identify the Gap area and need assessment at facility level as well as at community level.
  • Timely and transparent payment for beneficiaries and system.

Salient Features

  • "OJAS Software" is a web based system.
  • This is the password protected system and run by the authorized user only.
  • This system has been integrated with PCTS software. The master data base and users have been used for this system.

The process flow of payment:-

It is an unique initiative by NHM, Rajasthan. The software has been developed by NIC, Rajasthan state unit and the core group constituted by the Mission Director, NHM, Rajasthan. OJAS has been conceptualized and developed in a very short time span because of the keen interest shown by the authority to solve this major problem, which were being faced at grass root level. This online payment process has been implemented all over the state from 1 August 2015 at CHC and higher govt. health institutions. Various functionaries have been oriented for their responsibilities. Directions and circulars have been issued to States/Districts/Block/ PHC officials. Training for filling up the claim forms J-1 and J-2 has been done in all the districts up to CHC level and above level. For online payment, Bank of Baroda has been selected, which provides service without any additional charges.

Advantages of OJAS

  • It would be possible to monitor the physical and financial progress under the programme.
  • Simplification of payment system.
  • No more multi-channel payment.
  • Assessment of the health services provided at community level would be easier.

Report now possible from OJAS

  • Thus, Rajasthan is the first state to start online payments of JSY and Shubhlaxmi scheme.
  • Daily status of delivery at health institutes assessment is possible.
  • Weight of baby can be watch at state level so to ensure follow up on LBWs babies.
  • Hospital stay of delivered women can be watched.
  • Daily ratio of birth of girl child can be watched at every institutes and district and state level.
  • Modalities of referral transport can be watched.
  • Death of women can be watched at stay in institutes.

Way Forward...

  • Can be started up to PHC level soon.
  • Time lag in payment to JSY and Shubhlaxmi would be further reduced.
  • Second and third installments of Shubhlaxmi can be paid as assurance.

Letter No. & Date

Circular MRY 02-05-17
472 Dt 30.05.2017
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क्रमांक:-एफ10(1)/डीईओ/प.क./पीसीटीएस/2015/2080 दिनांक 24/02/2016
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