स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य कल्‍याण केन्‍द्र

Health & Wellness Center, Rajasthan

Since Financial Year 2015-16, Rajasthan had initiated a project in two districts, Baran and Churu under Universal Health Coverage. Under this Project, OPD and Diagnostic services are being provided through weekly OPD in the evening by AYUSH Medical Officers along with Lab Technicians from the same PHC. The basic purpose was to increase the services available at sub centres. It was implemented in 150 sub centres of two districts and up to March, 2017, more than 27,511 patients were benefitted.
This similar project has been up-scaled by Government of India in the form of “Health and Wellness Centres”. The Government of India has mandated that by 2022, all sub centres must be converted into Health and Wellness Centres. They have also evolved the conceptof “Community Health Officer”. Nurse / AYUSH doctors will be trained for six months at prescribed centres, recognized by IGNOU in order to work as Community Health Officers. These Community Health Officers will then be posted at sub centres and then regular services will be provided by them to the nearby population.

Progress in Rajasthan

in Financial Year 2017-18, 490 Sub Centres (including 150 existing UHC Sub Centres) were selected on following two basis :-
A. Delivery load
B. Connection with Adrash PHCs
AYUSH MOs were posted to run the selected sub centres. In the year 2017-2018, more than 1.83 lac patients’ consultation have been done and around 1 lac diagnostic tests have been done. The training of first batch of 11 Community Health Officers started in July, 2017 and placed at HWCs..

Planning for Financial Year 2018-19

Right now training of 120 Community Health Officers is going on smoothly and these officers will be available in July, 2018. From July, 2018, training of another 240 CHOs will start and in this way by December, 2018, Rajasthan shall be having 371 trained CHOs. In January, 2018, it is targeted to train 240 more CHOs in order to increase the number of HWCs to 679 including 50 Urban PHCs. In the year 2018-19, it is proposed to make more than 550 centres functional. 03 Blocks namely;Sam (Jaisalmer), Shahbad (Baran) and Rajgarh (Churu) shall be saturated in this financial year.
The Branding of these centres have been done and these centres in Rajasthan will be known as Swasthya Kalyan Kendra (LokLF; dY;k.k dsUnz).

Services expected from these centres

1. Care in Pregnancy and Child-birth.
2. Neonatal and Infant Health Care Services
3. Childhood and Adolescent Health Care Services.
4. Family Planning, Contraceptive Services and other Reproductive Health Care Services
5. Management of Communicable Diseases: National Health Programmes
6. General Out-patient Care for Acute Simple Illnesses and Minor Ailments
7. Screening, Prevention, Control and Management of Non-communicable Diseases
8. Care for Common Ophthalmic and ENT Problems
9. Basic Oral Health Care
10. Elderly and Palliative Health Care Services
11. Emergency Medical Services including Burns and Trauma
12. Screening and Basic Management of Mental Health Ailments



H&WC Portal Operational Guidelines


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Various orders Regarding Health wellness centres
Operational Guidelines For Comprehensive Primary Health Care through Health and Wellness Centers
Regarding progress update for operationalization of 679 HWC letter no.5971 dated 18.12.18

राजयोगा एजुकेशन एण्‍ड रिसर्च फाउण्‍डेशन के द्धारा बहाकुमारी शन्‍तीवन आबु रोड में दिनांक 22 सितम्‍बर से 25/09/2018 तक 03 दिवसीय प्रशिक्षण की उपस्थिति पत्र। क्रमांक:-4542 दिनांक 01/10/2018

Attendence Sheet for All Trainees CHOs

Attendence Sheet for 130 CHO

Attendence Sheet for MO & Nurse

A&F Sanction No. 3433 for team based incentive to MO AYUSH and LT for 17 weeks(April 18 to July 18
A&F Sanction No. 3434 for team based incentive to CHOs for HWCs.
A&F Sanction No. 3435 for team based incentive to MO AYUSH and LT for 8 visits/week (2 months).
A&F Sanction No. 4001 for team based incentive to MO AYUSH and LT for 21 weeks(Aug. 18 to Dec. 18)
A&F Sanction No. 4002 of additional allowance to CHO for HWCs.
Order No.3540 regarding directions of ACS madam for 225 HWCs.
Guideline for functioning of HWCs Letter no 3702 dt 01.08.2018
Operationalization of SC to HWCs under Ayushman bharat. Letter no 3237 Date 09-07-2018
Branding and Minor repair of SC selected as H&WCs. Letter no 3405 Date 13-07-2018
Regarding operationalization of HWCs. Letter no 3057 Date 29-06-2018
A&F Sanction for funitures
A&F Sanction for performance assessment of HWCs
A&F Sanction for reagents and consumables for HWCs
A&F Sanction Regarding tablet internet chareges 4102 Dt.29.08.2018  
Regarding sending MPR of H&WC Through ODK 4704 Dated 9.10.2018
New PHCs & UPHCs selected as HWCs 5237 Dated 13.11.2018


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