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Daughters are Precious

Daughters are Precious Campaign launched on 23/9/2016 by Hon’ble Minister of State for Health, GoI & State Health Minister of Rajasthan
Rajasthan state has one of the lowest girl child sex ratio in the country due to female feticide. To ensure survival of girl child, revamped Informer Scheme was launched and publicized. Under the scheme, around 35 successful decoy operations were conducted. To mobilize community, a comprehensive mobilization campaign, named ‘Daughters are precious’ was launched and more than 100,000 people across the state were reached.
These initiatives have contributed in improvement in sex ratio at birth in the state and as per the Health Department’s online M&E System sex ratio at birth, for the year 2016, has increased to 939.
The word itself is self-explanatory- a daughter, a priceless creature. She is a terrific package of love, care, kindness and thoughtfulness. The day she is born, she changes the life of parents to great extent. She comes with a bundle of joy and promises to be the hope of future. She is sensible yet the strongest person in the world and this quality is what makes her so unique.
The killing of unborn girls, or female foeticide, is an alarming reality. Party to the crime are families, some unscrupulous doctors and a social structure that encourages the desire for a boy child – at any cost. The frightening result has been the snuffing out of the lives of more than three crore unborn girls since Independence.
Census figures show that in the year 2011, for every 1000 boys there were only 914 girls.
Video testimony from people all over India show that people think female foeticide is predominantly a rural phenomenon, but in reality it is practised more widely in urban India.
Rajasthan State is known for its female foeticide and it is alleged that Pre Conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques are grossly misused .In the state resulting in dismal of child sex ratio of 888 in 2011. The state in the year 2015, under National Health Mission, decided to launch a comprehensive community mobilization campaign by taking up many different steps.
Mukhbir Yojna "Informer Scheme" was launched and publicized which promises a reward of 2.0 lacs to be divided among the Informer, Decoy lady and the Assistant who help in the entire proceedings in 40:40:20.
As a result, Rajasthan has been able to conduct 55 successful decoy operations since 2009 December.
A reliable network of informers has been set up and now there is a terror among those who were using registers machines for illegal sex determination and also who are using illegal Sonography machines for the same along with regulation part, an awareness campaign has been started in educational institutional particularly nursing, technical and academic colleges and public places in shopping malls under the "Daughters are Precious" Programme launched on 23rd September 2016 by Hon’ble Minister of State for Health, GoI & State Health Minister of Rajasthan.
So far 159 colleges have been approached in whole state and approx 1 lacs students have been educated by showing them interesting Presentations and by holding interactive sessions.

Seminars in Colleges

As a result Child Sex Ratio goes up.

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