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MCHN Week- Guidelines


Focus will be on recognized urban slums. RCH officer will be the nodal officer for urban slums in the district. Deputy CMHOs will be the nodal officers for urban slums in their own areas.

1.1. Sites for vaccination:

Anganwadi centers, schools and urban dispensaries will be the sites for vaccination. In addition, private clinics identified under PPI will also be used as session sites. For scattered slums, mobile vans could be used to cover all families.

1.2. Team:

Each team should have on vaccinator (staff skilled in immunization and authorized to provide immunization) and 2-3- social mobilizers (to mobilize children and women, control crowd and support recording)

Vaccinator can be drawn from the following:

  • ANMs of the revamping scheme.
  • Nursing staff of the dispensaries.
  • Nursing staff/ ANMs posted at the district headquarters.
  • ANMs/ LHVs of the nearest CHC
  • Trained MPWs
    Social mobilizers: Social mobilizers will be drawn from the following:
    AWWs, workers of local NGOs, other women residing in that area.

1.2. Timing:

Sessions will begin at 10 :00 am not more than two sessions should be conducted per day. Timings of each session should be clearly identified and communicated to the community.


Each PHC will be the planning unit. Medical officer will be the overall in Charge.

2.1 Team:

Vaccinators:All the ANms and LHVs will form the PHC team. When required, additional vaccinators could be deployed from neighbouring PHCs where activities are not planned.
Social mobilizers: In each village, ANM/LHV will identify 1 mobillizer (AWW, Sahyogini, ASHA: if none of these are available, identify another local woman)

2.2 Sites:

Sub- center, Anganwadi, school, panchayat ghar. For remote hamlets, a site as close to the hamlets as possible should be identified. For scattered hamlets, mobile teams should cover the populations.
Remember: Conduct the MCHN session as scheduled on Thursdays


3.1 Timing:

10:00 am to 05:00 pm. If two sessions are planned, conduct sessions from 10-1 pm and 2:00 to 05:00.

3.2 Informing families and mobililzing children:

One day prior to the session, social mobilizer should be requested to conduct house-to-house canvassing ans community line-listing to identify all eligible children and pregnant women.

3.3 Preparing the vaccine and logistics:

Cold chain handler at the PHC will be vaccine- carrier as per the requirements specified in the PHC plan, and label each vaccine- carrier.

3.4 Transporting vaccines, logistics and staff:

One vehicle will be hired at the vaccine depot for transporting vaccines, logistics and manpower to the session- site. Vehicle will leave the vaccine depot at 07:00 am so as to cover all the session sites by 10:00 am. If all session- sites cannot be reached in three hours due to large distance/ inaccessibility, another vehicle may be hired.

3.5 Supervising:

Supervisor (LHV and or MO) will monitor the sessions using the monitoring Checklist using the same vehicle after dropping the vaccines and logistics. In the evening, same vehicle will return to the vaccine depot, collecting all the vaccine carriers and dropping back the staff.

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