NGOs can play a very important role in the success of NRHM.their role is to compliment the efforts of government.The activities envisaged for NGOs are as follows:

1. Provide support in the selection training and post training follow up of ASHAs.

2. Responsible for providing support and/preparation of annual plan of the district .

3. Providing support in proper data collection especially at the time of CNAA and the yearly survey conducted by the AWW.

4. Provide support in registration/ identification of private practitioner / Hospitals

5. Ensure sanctioning of fund for each block/PHC/CHC.

6. Oversee overall monitoring and evaluation of the Schemes and matters concerned therewith.

7. Make necessary report to the State and the SHM/State’s Implementation Committee.

8. Ensure wide and continuous publicity of the benefits under all the schemes JSY and the procedures for claiming the benefit through posters, brochures, media, display of information at all Sub-centres, PHCs, CHCs and District Hospitals, Urban Health Centres, Health posts and those private hospitals, nursing homes/ clinics recognized/accredited for implementation of the Scheme.

9. Awareness regarding the good health practices to the community e.g; Safe motherhood, Family  planning, Child health, gender issues, age of marriage, Sanitation, including water, prevention of  Malaria, good hygiene, safe sexual health.

10. Ensuring the wide participation of the community in the fixed MCHN days.

11. Counselling of the Community on various issues.

12. Early detection of Tuberculosis, Promotion of DOTS and also in the direct implementation of  DOTS.

13. Leprosy: NGOs will continue to be involved in reconstructive surgery, disability care and  prevention, and IEC. Village and District Health Plans will enable identification and ensure  referral of cases requiring disability treatment to the appropriate facility.

14. Capacity building of the PRIs.

15. Developing the capacities of the Village health and Water Sanitation Committees to function  effectively.

16. Effective Gram Sabhas especially for development issues

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