Dated: 03-November-2006



Under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) recruitment of professional manpower in the Medical & Health sector is a very important and critical component. In order to ensure quality recruitment of professional in the State, NRHM Rajasthan is looking forward to engage a Human Resource Management Agency who will assist the department in meeting its manpower requirements for all levels, and will plan for better management of human resources.


Following categories of manpower recruitment is envisaged under NRHM for 32 districts and 237 blocks in the State:


1.      Hiring of Management, Finance & Accounts, Computer professional at State, district and block level.

2.      Hiring of Doctors & Para Medical staff at district & sub-district level


Terms of Reference for HRMA are as below-


                    The agency will issue advertisement in the national and state newspapers as per the need.


                    The agency will make all necessary arrangement for shortlististing of suitable candidates, issue of interview letters, conducting written test and interviews.


                    The agency will make necessary arrangements for hiring of computers and other physical arrangements for written test of the candidates. 


                    The agency will arrange to prepare the list of selected candidates as per the merit to send to Mission Director NRHM.


                    The agency will maintain an Active List of candidates for each position in SPMU and DPMU. In the later case the Active List should be/or atleast 10% of the total number of positions. A vacancy should be filled within one month of resignation of the previous incumbent.


                    Planning and coordination of implementation of the induction and on the job training programmes.


                    The agency will make assessment of training needs, preparation of a training plan and coordinate. Organising refresher training courses for SPMU & DPMU staff.


                    Coordination of annual performance appraisal of staff; process to be completed in the last quarter of each financial year.



Interested agencies may apply with following details


  1. Profile of the organization along with area of work and operation
  2. Experience in recruitment of MBA / CAs / Doctors / Para - Medical staff
  3. C.V of the Managing Director of the agency
  4. List of professions engaged by the agency to carry out the above task.
  5. Audited financial statement of last three years
  6. List of prominent organizations for whom the recruitment has been undertaken by the agency.
  7. Self Assessment note with justification how the agency is capable to complete the assigned task?


Proposals are invited from reputed Human Resource Management Agency having experience and have carried out similar assignments in health sector to act as Human Resource Management Agency for NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION in Rajasthan. The contract with the selected agency will be for a period of one year and on satisfactory performance it can be further extended. The payment to the agency would be based on number of people handled / being handled at any time duration.


Interested agencies may apply with financial proposal within 20 days after publication of this advertisement to The Mission Director, National Rural Health Mission, Government of Rajasthan, Swasthya Bhawan, Tilak Marg, Jaipur-302005 with subscription on the envelop,  Proposal for HRMA