Janani Surakha Yojana

Janani Surakha Yojana(JSY) is a centrally sponsored scheme under NRHM umbrella to benefit pregnant women & certified poor families.


  1.  To decrease maternal  mortality rate & infant mortality rate.
  2. To increase Institutional deliveries amongst BPL & poor families.


Women of BPL / APL families.

Eligibility Criteria (New Guidelines)



Duties of ASHA - Sahyogini:
  1. Registration of eligible beneficiary.
  2. Antenatal checkup (3 times)
  3. Arrange referral transport, Escort her to health facility & facilitate cash assistance from PHC / CHC / DH.
  4. Post natal checkup (2 times).

   A Nodal officer has been appointed in each district to implement this scheme effectively.

Last Updated on 02.07.2008

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