Brief about IMPACT Software

  • The issue of decreasing sex ratio has turned into grave social problem. Therefore monitoring of child sex ratio at birth has become a national priority. This underlines specific significance to control sex selection during pregnancy.
  • The government has brought out the PCPNDT Act (Preconception , pre natal diagnostic techniques Act) to curb this social evil. However implementation of the act needs to be strengthened with adequate information for the concerned implementing agencies. This requires tracking of individual case of ultras sonography undertaken at any health institution whether in government or in private sector. This needs to be adequately supported by technology tools for surveillance.
  • To help the government in establishing such a system in Rajasthan, an online monitoring and surveillance system IMPACT(Integrated Monitoring system for Pcpndt ACT) has been developed and implemented for Medical Health & Family Welfare department, Government of Rajasthan by NIC. The system facilitates monitoring of each case of sonography of pregnant women at any of the sonography facility registered in the state. The date when the project initially went live was 02/10/2012.
  • All sonography centres in the state have been enrolled with the medical, health & family welfare department. The information is available on line on the system. Details of each of the diagnostic facility including the machines and the men involved (Doctors and Radiologists) are available online. System facilitates capturing of information for each sonography case in real time as per form F which is prescribed by the PCPNDT Act.
  • List the top three benefits derived by Stakeholders from the Project:
    • Benefit to society, citizens it is a effort toward increase the skewed sex ratio.
    • Sonography centre owners who can maintain data digitally.
    • Government who can monitor sonography centres effectively and can make the policy for decreasing sex ration in the state.
  • Technology information: SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Grievance addressing mechanism:
    • IMPACT Help desk which has internet and Dedicated phone number 0141-5112527 to support the system.
    • Feedback system available in web application. User can interact through feedback system, can ask if have any query.
    • Email is another medium of interaction.
  • Critical features of the project:
    • In project implementation SMS facility provided in web application played key role. For every changes in software we sent SMS to the sonography centre owner for effective implementation.
    • For every exception it generate SMS to the concern user and to the government authority.
    • For renewal intimation auto SMS generated by system, if renewal date falls in next 60 days.
    • SMS to every pregnant woman is being sent as soon as she register in the system. गर्भधारण पूर्व या बाद लिंग चयन या भ्रूण के लिंग चयन या भ्रूण के लिंग का पता लगाना दण्डनीय अपराध है । लिंग परीक्षण की शिकायत 104 पर निःशुल्क दर्ज की जा सकती है ।
    • It has won SKOCH AWARD in 33rd SKOCH Summit for SMART Governance at Le-Meridian Hotel, New Delhi on 3rd Sept 2013.
    • It has won Elets Award Elets Healthcare Summit, Rajasthan on July 10th, 2015.
    • Three States Haryana, Karnataka & Uttrakhand team visited in the state to see the implementation of IMPACT software and requested to NIC & Medical Health & FW department GOR to provide software to implement same in their states.

For more information contact :-
Sh. Sumesh Singh, Consultant, IT, 9887283641