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State’s response on NHM Conditionalities: Framework for Implementation 2014-15, RAJASTHAN

NHM Conditionalities and Incentives 30.1.2015 (Doc. file)

1. c.3. Star rating of facilities (Guidelines attached)

2. d.1 System for performance measurement of regular and contractual staff in place.

A. (Contract Medical & Para Medical Performance Appraisal Format ) B. (Contract dpmu spmu Performance Appraisal Format )


3. 6.2 EDLs finalised and drug formulary published and made available in all public health facilities, Overall procurement and logistics strategy in place. Detailed design and plan for rate contracting, regular stock up dates, indent management, warehousing, promotion of rational drug use, contingency funds with devolution of financial powers etc. in place. (Rate Contract is Attached)


4. 6.3 Free drug availability

(A. Third Party Evaluation Copy Attached)

(B. Third Party Evaluation Copy Attached)


For more information contact : Dr. Anuradha Aswal, State Program Manager (Phone:- 7742971153)